Maker Cube: Expanding the Maker Community


Hi everyone!

It’s official, Maker Cube has been reborn into a new maker space in Langley!

We are looking to expand the maker community and serve the East Fraser Valley municipalities by offering the space and equipment for all your maker needs. Our mandate is to make this space accessible for all members and provide a wide range of educational workshops and camps for youth and adults.

A big part of this venture is to make studio spaces more affordable for artisans, producers, hobbyists and entrepreneurs that want or need access to a wide range of tools.

A few highlights about our space:

  • 12,000 sqft facility, 10,000 is warehouse and 2,000 is office
  • 6,000 sqft is dedicated to rentable studio space and offices
  • Communal tool areas include: A fully equipped woodshop, metal fabrication+welding, electronics fabrication, 3D printing and laser cutting, full computer lab/classroom, as well as multipurpose rooms for meetings, seminars and lounging.
  • Weekly orientations teaching basic skill sets in each tool area
  • Regular project based workshops for those looking to make something cool
  • Maker summer camps for youth to get hands-on experience

Although I know VHS membership is strongly based in Vancouver, I hope you or someone you know may be interested in our new maker space. We would love it If you can help spread the word! We want the maker community to grow, help local businesses/artists thrive and inspire the next generation to innovate and create.

For more info, check out our website:
Also follow us on instagram @makercube! We’re always sharing awesome projects our community is making!

Also, we’re totally open to acquiring more tools (we’ve got the space XD) if there’s something you want or you know a machine that is available let us know! Two new pieces we’re hoping to secure in the near future are a pottery kiln and a electronics pick and place.


Congratulations @Gonazar, and to the members of Maker Cube!


Amazing! Congrats Doug - looking great. Hope to see you sometime soon.


Field trip! Congrats Doug on this milestone, and all the work you’ve put in.


Everything about that seems awesome, @Gonazar! Location, facilities, website, everything. Gonna have to head down and check it out someday!