Made a 3 minute tour video of the Space


Hi, yeah so the other week while I was there at VHS doing field research on how to start and run a space I made a little video… and have finally figured out how to edit it down to a short little tour video.
any feed back before I send it live to the whole intertubes?

thanks for the walk around :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! Looks great!


That is a great video…
Thanks for doing that!!


No problem.
I hope it helps you folks out. use it as you see fit. I am going to post some more videos of the other spaces on our tour as I edit them down :slight_smile:


I also made one for the Victoria MakerSpace
in case you have not had a chance to make it over to the island.


And one for Nanaimo too


All of these places are on my “to see” list, so I like these a lot


Nanaimo has a great MakerSpace - lots of room and equipment