Looking for someone for tiny hand soldering job

I have three of these https://www.amazon.ca/CloverUS-Professional-Precision-Microphone-Adjustable/dp/B07S9RKT3H/ that I need pin headers attached to. The one extra caveat is that I also need the (thru-hole soldered) microphone removed from one of these modules and replaced with another two-pin header that I can supply. The total number of pins to be actually soldered here is 11.

If you are willing to do this, please PM me with remuneration expectations, time needed to allow for completion, and advise me how soon you would be available. Finally, please let me know if you are willing to meet in person to do this and if so approximately where we could meet so that I know how far I would need to drive (I live in New Westminster).

I’ll follow up with another post after this one once I have found someone so that any further otherwise interested parties will know that I no longer need these services.

Where in New West? I live near Lougheed Mall in Burnaby.

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Thanks chadleaman. I shall take you up on the offer. Check your PM’s.