Looking for second hand Macbook

Hey there,

First post after 2 years since I left Vancouver!

I hope everything is going great in the new space, which i haven’t seen completely finished.
I miss VHS for sure, and I wish I could start a similar project in my new hometown, but under 1000 inhabitants (we got a bakery and 2 bars though, it’s France after all), I doubt I’ll get the traction I’d need to get things moving.
Also, we started a farm from (almost) scratch and we got a 5 month-old girl, while renovating our house. A maker space might be too much an endeavor for now…

Anyway, my wife Lisa happens to be flying to Vancouver next week with our daughter, and her macbook just decided to retire.

She would buy a new one, but since she doesn’t need the most recent tech (no gaming, no graphic design, nothing CPU, RAM or graphic card hungry), I thought I would ask around here in case someone has a not-too-new macbook for sale…

I’m not sure I’ll get notifications from talk, it’s been a while, so maybe contact me directly at baptiste.poncet@gmail.com if you got something!
I’ll try to log back in in the next few days, but I’m overloaded with farm work, we’re sleeping in 2 hour bits, and we’re taking our first (1 night) vacation since summer '19, so I might not be very assiduous.

I hope there’s great stuff happing at the space, I’ll try to browse around here to check what’s up.
If you’re interested in farm pictures, you can always check out our Instagram, where we mostly show the good stuff (lots of ugly behind the scenes, that’s farm life).
Side note : automatic translation from French to English is extremely inaccurate, and can turn hilariously nsfw, you’ve been warned!

Have a great, cool, safe summer everyone!