Looking for programming support (Max MSP) - robotic bell installation

Hey everyone,

I’m looking for some programming assistance for an upcoming art project. I’m installing these robotic bells that I made (video here) in the Roundhouse Community Centre for the month of November. The interactive component is that people will be able to come during certain time windows while I’m there and improvise a short melody for the bells (the bells will sound in real time via a MIDI keyboard or some other interface I have yet to make). The different melodies will each be recorded and synced later to correspond to a clock’s hour and half hour cycles, playing automatically over the next week. The process repeats itself each week with new collected melodies. Ideally I’m hoping to achieve this with a combination of Ableton Live and Max for live patch, though there could be better options I’m not aware of. My stumbling block is making the patch/interface that will intake and store all the recorded midi clips and have their launch sequence aligned to a clock that will stay in sync over long periods, which is perhaps communicating over a network. Right now the main hardware is a computer launching MIDI sequences and an arduino-like board that takes the midi input and switches on the solenoids used in the bell’s mallets.

In terms of compensation I don’t have much of a budget but can definitely offer a honorarium, which we can workout once we determine the amount of time this would take.

Feel free to direct message me if you’re interested! I’m hoping to sort this out by mid October.

thanks hackers!