Looking for 2.5inch IDE hard drive


I’m visiting from San Diego for work. Unfortunately, the diagnostics computer hard drive have up on me. It’s a 2.5 inch pata IDE, 80gb.

Tried all computer stores and used computer stores with no luck.
Can anyone help me find such drive asap as my work in here is stalled door to this.



Freegeek or try System Administrators you know or in VHS. I will repost your message to sys-ops group on slack.


Freegeek and Hackery are now closed and so is every used computer store.


From a Sysadmin friend (don’t know if they are open after 6pm Sat.):
(1) Couple of used computer shops near W. Broadway and Granville St., Vancouver.
(2) One of the malls in Richmond (just south of Vancouver, cross Knight Street bridge or Oak Street Bridge to go to Richmond.


I think we have some of these at VHS. I know we used to have a shoebox with dozens of 2.5" drives, but I’m not sure if they were pata or sata. They would be on the upper shelves near the electronics test equipment, or maybe in the pile of crap near the small electronics components area.

I won’t be there tonight (someone else might be). Could probably be there tomorrow (Sunday) morning though.


Thanks, I checked Free Geek. They are the ones that told me about VHS. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any ide drives and they will be closed till Tuesday.


Exactly, I already tried Hackery and Free Geek. They don’t have the drive. They are closed until Tuesday.


It would be great if you can send me the names of those stores. I’ll check if any is open tomorrow.



Thanks. I can come tomorrow morning if there is a chance. What time would work for you? I’m only busy from 9 to 10am.


If you can’t find it at VHS, give me a call (will send you a Private Message), my Sysadmin friends may help, one of even them has a 2.5" IDE HDD, he is travelling (in Montreal). He doesn’t remember or have the names or locations of the stores in Richmond.
I can come tomorrow afternoon to VHS if you can wait till then.


I just looked, we don’t have any 2.5" IDE drives, but we do have some 2.5" high RPM SCSI drives.


Thanks Xquared. Unfortunately, this is a quite old machine that doesn’t have a SCSI interface.



I took 3 laptop size IDE drives to recycle last week - had been sitting in my office for years.
I “boot n nuked” a bunch of old drives and did a recycle run to reduce clutter.


Hi Steve,
I guess I’m too lucky :slight_smile:


If I get you this 32GB IBM Travelstar, I wonder if there is a way to copy the contents of the drive to a DVD? (not sure how much is on there)



Hi Bob,

I think 32GB should be enough for this. I can copy the contents on a DVD or a USB key for sure. Please let me know which option you prefer.




Sent you a private msg. to set this up.


That fella must have gone back to San Diego, cuz he never picked up the laptop drive.,


Sorry Bob, got witter busy the last day before going back to San Diego. I’ll ask one of Vancouver colleagues to get in touch with you.


I guess it no longer matters by now but if you use an mSATA SSD then you can use the same physical drive as both a PATA drive (with a PATA↔SATA converter board) and a SATA drive (with no additional board if using with a computer with an mSATA socket or with an adapter board if using with a computer with SATA but not mSATA). If you want only one physical device to connect then you can buy a KingSpec 2.5-inch PATA SSD (not CompactFlash card) on eBay.