Local source for 18650 batteries?


My son is experimenting with light painting in photography so I want to make a few led based light paint sticks. Planning to go from simple single color led to perhaps one driving one or more WS2812 led pixels from a arduino…

Thinking I could use some 3/4" pvc conduit as a case that would work well as a holder. Could use a pair of AA cells to get 3.0 volts but a 18650 would give me 3.7 volts with a much higher capacity. I’ll use a boost convertor to get it up to 5.0 volts or try running it at 3.7… Plus I can add a charger to avoid replacing batteries…

Anyone know of a decent local source for 18650 cells?

I thought about using the Nokia batts that we have but attaching leads to them is a bit of a pain and the form factor isn’t ideal for what I want…


How many do you need?

I bought a bunch of 18650 cells from @Gonazar that I can’t use as the C rating was too low for my eBike battery build. These would be fine for your project. $5 each and from a reputable supplier.


@packetbob I brought 20 cells back from China from a known good source as well.

I can probably spare you a set of the terminals I used in my battery holders too (I only bought 20, wish I had bought more).

Oh, and you can buy 18650s from Battery World on Boundary too (http://buyabattery.com/lithium-battery/li-on-rechargeable/)


Can you let me know what the good source was from China?


I have a bunch of used 18650 batteries I’ve salvaged from laptop batteries
that you can just have.

I also have a bunch of empty battery packs that use 4x18650s and have two
usb outs (one is 1amp the other 2amp), which you can also just have.


Thanks all for the various leads…
I’m getting some from @Majicj that will solve my immediate needs…