@Jarret's LED Strips

I soldered up one of @Jarrett’s LED strips using the reflow oven and thought I’d share the pics:

The bare boards

Paste added and adding parts

Adding the WS2812 chips

Ready to bake

Fresh out of the oven

The leds work!!! (bad picture on my part they are really bright)

For this initial board I used the WS2812 chips out of the package… For the other 11 boards I may try baking them at 60C for 6 to 12 hours before soldering to reduce the potential for issues that Doug has experienced (though my stuff is for fun not production)
PSA: WS2812B LEDs may not be what you think they are!


As far as I can tell, those are actually SK6812 not WS2812 :smiley:

Biggest indicator is the orientation of the integrated IC inside the package.

Hey Bob,

Thanks for the write up - where did you get your leds from? I have a batch from Aliexpress that don’t work too well - I’ve resorted to pulling them from known working strips.

The packages also seem to be abs, not very heat tolerant.


@Jarrett sold me the led modules with the strips…
I think he has a bunch of em (roll of 1000 mebbe)…

I ended up soldering all 12 strips (60 leds) in the oven…
Was going to bake some first(12 hours @ 60) to ensure they were dry enough but got impatient and reflowed all of them…

I am using leaded paste so only reflowing @ 183.

I’ve got a reel of 1000, yeah. They certainly say WS2812B on them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything, for sure.

These strips are awesome @Majicj, @xquared, and I built them this afternoon. We used the oven. Then we tested them on @lukecyca’s party cat. Good times.


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