Is there a "Hack Space" for cars?


My visits to the Vancouver Hack Space have been beneficial. I learn a lot from the folks who are present and appreciate all the available tools, from the electronics department to the woodworking area.

Is there a similar place for cars.? I guess something like a community garage?


I’m willing to drive quite a bit to get to wherever such a place is. :slight_smile:

What Our Community Bikes is to bicycles, I’m looking for the same thing when it comes to cars.


If you find any, please post here. Wondering if Colab has such option, maybe @Majicj know better.


Colab not really set up as a garage so not so much vehicle mechanics.

However I’ve seen a one person modify a motorcycle frame, another person worked on their boat in the back yard and another person was working on customizing their camper van. Colab is currently more individual projects than group stuff.


Yeah, probably will work for some small jobs but not like if you want to take your car apart and leave it there for a week.