Is the laser-cutter working? ( Also, how do I get on Slack?)


Hello everyone:

I’m currently trying to do some re-modeling for my van, and I would like to use the laser-cutter for some precision work.

I would like to know… is it still in operation.

Also, I remember it being somewhat difficult to operate, as there were multiple steps in order to make the software work.

Has there been any upgrades to the system…so that it can easily accept a .svg file?

(Currently I use Inkscape and .Svg files)

If it is still somewhat tricky to use the laser-cutter…Will there be people available tomorrow who might be able to give me a few pointers?

Also, I have tried to find the “SLACK” channel… But it turns out my e-mail address ( ) does not have an account for this workspace just yet.

Who do I talk to in order to get accepted to


You can sign up for Slack using the form in the ‘Get Involved’ section on


Hey Alex!

You can generate your own Slack invite through Nomos: https://membership.

Let me know if that doesn’t work.

The laser should be working. I haven’t heard anything recently, but it’s
only down for a few days every six months or longer.

You’ll need to generate DXFs. Inkscape can do that. In maybe 10% of cases,
LaserCAD doesn’t work with them, though. Search “LaserCAD Workflow” on
these forums for a thread about that, and a solution.


Hi Alex,
(1) You can import a .svg file in AutoCAD Fusion 360 program (free for hobbyists).

(2) Export it as .dxf file.

(3) Import .dxf file in the Laser Cutter software.

I am coming tomorrow (Saturday, Nov 18th) at 3-3:30 pm till 6-6:30 pm if you wish to test your files on the laser cutter.


Excellent! Unfortunately I have a prior appointment, but I’ll try to poke my head in.


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