Interest Check: Sewing Machine Training/Workshop in June


On a more serious note - my wife likes the block type designs.
She uses a green cutting board and rotary cutter with various quilting rulers to make the pieces.
To make life easier she uses a 1/4" quilting foot on her sewing machine when making the blocks - so if you wanted to have blocks 4"x4" you would cut them 4 1/2" x 4 1/2"

The actual “quilting” part is when you have the 3 layers and you are sewing them together - for larger quilts she sends them out, but for smaller quilts she puts a different foot in the machine and free forms.

I’ll see if she wants to do a demo on it one night at VHS



Looks like 1pm Sunday June 10 is the best. Also looks like making an apron is best for a teaching how to. Ok next thing is I did make a post about sewing supplies in the hackspace, in order to go forward we need these supplies.


Steve, please request your wife for a demo, that is awesome! Thanks!


Who all would be bringing their own sewing machine? There are machines at the space, just want to figure out how many on hand total if anyone brings their own


event posted! Sewing 101 Workshop June 10


I can bring my own machine however I have no idea how to operate it.


Cool! Definitely can help with that


I have a spare machine I can lend you folks. It’s an older machine, but it checks out.



Hey all, there seemed to be several interested however i’ve only had 1 sign up for the workshop so far