Interest Check: Intro to Mechanical Keyboards


I have these caps that I bought because they were cheap, are they any help to you. I have white with black text I think. I don’t really have a use for them.


Hey thanks for this offer and wow those were cheap! Significantly, I’m missing the 1.5u and 2u (and some 1u) keycaps, so more 1u keycaps won’t help much (thanks all the same). The seller does seem ready enough to correct the problem, so I’ll see how that goes …

I’ll try to keep up with #mail-order. Please keep me in mind next time a Taobao order comes round, I can probably add items :slight_smile:


I seem to be missing these replies, but I have made two Taobao orders since, and I’m about to get more switches, if that interests anyone? I’ll have to pay for fast-ish shipping, and the package probably small, but if you want switches, a good time to grab some :stuck_out_tongue: