Injection Molder Demo + Accepting Donations


Hey all,

The Injection Molder is done! We’ve run a few successful tests, including the other night at the Hackaday event, using a mold made on the lasercutter. Shockingly, it worked on the first try!

The Injection Molder is a donation to VHS, but at $450 in materials out of my own pocket I was hoping people would be willing to donate to help recoup some of the the cost. If you plan on using the machine or just think it’s really cool, please consider giving something. If you post a donation here I’ll PM you for e-transfer details.

Also if you want to use the Injection Molder, reach out to me to learn how to use it! If you’re designing a mold, you’ll want to line up your mounting and injection holes with this mounting plate model. I can’t wait to see what people make, especially once we start making molds on the CNC :slight_smile:

Here are some pictures from the tests we ran:

Lasercut molds. One to make a frontwards ‘VHS’ and one to make a mirrored ‘VHS’.

Securing to the mounting plate:

The results!
HDPE (we did get a full injection after this, I forgot to take a picture):


The machine in all its glory:

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this build possible - it’s been really incredible.


I’ll throw in $20.

Awesome to see this project come alive. Looking forward to seeing what folks make with it.



One of my dream machines!


In for $20 too.



$20 (paid at Metals Supermarket purchase).


Any success with contacting the company/person down the road who had a plastic grinder? I want to know if I should start hoarding plastic or not


Yes actually! I showed him VHS and he was definitely up for helping us recycle some plastic. I’m about to leave to be out of town for several months, but I can give you his contact info if you (or a group of people) want to grind up some plastic for use at VHS.


That would be great. It would be nice to go try their grinder see if it would grind recycled plastic I have to the right size for the injection machine. And then try the plastic to see if it injects well