I'm placing a digikey order end of this week


I’m placing the order on Thursday so they can process it Friday and ship Monday.

Anyone want anything? So I can get the bill over $200 for free shipping. Need about $100 more


Digikey.ca free shipping is now over CAD 100.00


If you’re doing it anyway, would appreciate this cart: http://www.digikey.ca/short/jhfwr2


$100 sweet.

But yeah Jarrett, and anyone else has a small order, send me a list.


I’m in, perhaps post to #mailorder on slack?


I’m placing the order on Thursday so they can process it Friday and ship Monday.

If you place the order early enough on Thursday, you’ll have it Friday.


@Daniel_DeGagne thanks, will email xfer once you let me know how much.


Updated to http://www.digikey.ca/short/jhnh24


I won’t be in town on Friday so hopefully its in by Monday.


@Daniel_DeGagne if you haven’t ordered yet, I added one more item.



Your in luck. I couldn’t make my order on Thursday. Be placing it later this afternoon.


In that case, I removed and added an item and reposted:



Can you guys double check this cart make sure I have the quantities right and the names on the right items? Tom those fuses are for you?

Sorry Digikey seems to have combined your 2 order links. Or all 3 of my browsers have the same mixed data. I just want to be real sure these are correct before.



Thanks @Daniel_DeGagne looks good to me.



They do ship fast.




Signed for by: F.EEDEX

LOL, sure!


Least they waited to make sure I opened the door. About the most effort they put into security.

I was going to try to drop your package at Makerlabs but this rate I won’t get there in time. Tomorrow’s okay?

Jarrett I’ll drop yours into VHS drop box tomorrow


Sounds good, thanks again