I need some expertise with 2 projects


Okay, guys. I need some expertise with my next project 2 projects.

Project 1: The Wardrobe /w LED lights and privacy film
I will be using steel black pipe cause I’m going for a steampunk type look.
my inspiration is the following:

Imagine that the back of the wardrobe is clear or maybe slightly opaque acrylic. I am trying to keep as much light in my tiny apartment. But I want to have privacy if I have guests over and need to change. So I want to use pdlc film for the back to get the following effect:

I also want to have LED lights in the wardrobe as closet lights. Maybe hook it up to the film so that when the led’s come on the acrylic glass turns completely opaque so I have privacy to change and whatnot.

Does anyone know where online I can get the pdlc film? My initial online search has let me know that I"m going to have to source the film from outside the country. If anybody knows of a reputable seller on like alibaba or aliexpress please let me know. If anybody has had any experience with using pdlc film I would really really really value your input.

Project 2: Cat tree with LED lights and resin
I’m not even sure where to start with this project. but the following pics are the inspiration.

I want to make this cat tree but also take it to the next level.
Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated!!!


I think a cat would be freaked out by this, because it’s big not small like laser pointer dot.


Little known fact: Cats love RGB LEDs.

See? Look how much fun this one is having!


Heh. My cats are huge fans of RGB LEDs. I send pixels up and down a 5 m strip and they like to chase it.


And in fairness to the cat, should be something if he actually catches it…


@Lantana that film is quite amazing. I did a quick search - looks so expensive. I agree you’re probably going to have to source directly from China to get the best deal. How much do you think you’ll need?


This cat seems to have passed out from the sheer terror.


Lol, if that’s your definition of terror, then the cat is positively comatose when he’s chill. #crumblehadzerofuckstogive


8 8ft. by 5ft -ish.
Cost wise I’m starting to loose faith in this endeavour.


Hi Lantana:

I did a project a few years back with glow in the dark powder and resin. I got my powder from Ebay.ca . I don’t remember the specific vendor I ordered from but there are lots of listings.

For resin I used UV Poxy made by Ecopoxy and mixed the glow in the dark powder. It seemed to work ok. The glow does not last forever. Maybe 20-30 minutes after being excited with light.

I just noticed that Ecopoxy has a new product called glopoxy that may be worth checking out.



I just stumbled upon this, which might be useful:

Smooth-on is the brand that Mike uses for casting. I think Fibretek on
Boundary carries a bunch of their stuff, although @gibbtall might know more


I recently bought a big kit of xtc3d and have no use or desire to use it, it’s in the casting section in the “free to use” materials spot, have at it. As for uv pigments, Fibertek carries a bunch.

A bunch of pictures of their stock of fancy pigments.


You know what those pigments need??


Ooo, thank you, I’ve been needing this for the space.


If anybody wants to measure one of those little bottles, I’ll confirm that they fit my design, or tweak it so they do fit.