I need help removing faucet nut head

Hi, Could anyone at VHS help me with this?
I have an old faucet (1970-80’s). The Nuthead that holds the washer is really hard to unscrew. It’s made of brass. I was thinking if someone could welding something onto the nuthead (made of brass) I could then get some leverage to unscrew it. I have destroyed the grip and I can’t currently get leverage, I can show you in the photo link. Or, if you can think of any other solution to open this screw.


Hopefully someone at VHS can help me with this?

The Pinterest link is not working. Are you able to upload another photo?

I just uploaded 2 photos.

Someone here might be able to help. Also probably worth posting on reddit.com/r/plumbing as well.I’ve gotten lots of advice there for things like this.

Good idea Janet. I will post there now.

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you may be able to remove it using what they call water pump pliers



Yeah, Knipex Cobra pliers are your best bet for this, followed by ChannelLock pliers, followed by Vise-Grips


I was finally able to unscrew it by filing down the sides of the brass tap stem which allowed my wrench to get a good hold on it.