I accidentally took home a sewing needle. I'd like to return it to vhs

Hi everyone. I mistakenly took home a sewing needle. I’d like to return it to VHS.
When will the space be open again? Is it open this afternoon (Wednesday Jan 29)?
Or is there a mailbox I can drop it into?

There is a mail slot in the door facing Venables.

As this just drops on the floor, please package the needle and label it accordingly :slight_smile:


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The space will be open tomorrow (thursday) from 6-9, you can always check the calendar to see when the space is open. Or you always package it up and slip it in the mail slot like Andrew said.

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I taped the sewing needle onto a popsicle stick and then pierced a styrofoam cup with the stick and then pushed the cup through the mail slot.

Sewing needle https://imgur.com/a/MdBqkFz

If the lady or gentleman who opens the door and sees the cup could kindly put the needle back into the needle container (looks like a blue spinning wheel), that would be appreciated! :smile:

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