How to Produce Time-lapse video?


I can’t stop… The leaves on the large plant (which I’ve nicknamed Groot) will grow another 33% in length and probably double in width.


I’d use adobe premiere pro, just open one image mid-sequence in Adobe Camera raw and tweak the colors, contrast, etc so they’re closer to the end result you want. Camera raw will then ask you if you want to apply the changes to all images in the sequence. You say yes, then grab all the images and bring the sequence to premiere pro timeline, drag and drop, boom you’re almost there. Just change the sequence setting to the output you want so you can see what it’ll lokk like in the project window and make desired changes. From there, all you have to do is choose the output format (1080p full hd or 4k, or whatever you’re looking for) and VOILA !! YOU ARE DONE.