How to get rid of nasty vinyl smell from new device

So I bought this cheap monocular from amazon and it’s pretty smelly.

You know that fresh vinyl/plastic smell. Normally when that occurs I’ll just leave it out to exhaust the smell for a few days, but after a week+ now, the smell doesn’t seem much reduced. Any recommendations to reduce the odour?

It’s bad enough that after handling for a few seconds, my hands stink too.

Ozone is used by Hot Sauce Manufacturers to prevent the pungent smell from bothering neighbours, try that?

Where do I get easy access to ozone. I know a voltage ladder for use with a ionizer can generate a fair bit of ozone, but that seems overly complicated to build for hopefully a 1 off usage…

Some air purifiers have ozone generators.
Hydrogen peroxide, Baking Soda are other options.
Ozone & Hydrogen peroxide may cause discoloration.

h2o2, good idea, I have lots of that around, will give it a try.

I assume you mean h2o2 plus baking soda together, used to use that combo to cleanup cat mess on the carpet.

White vinegar is usually pretty great at removing odors from just about anything.

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