How good are the cr2016 watch batteries at dollar stores?

Is it worth the low price? What I mean to say is, I don’t expect them to be any better than brand name batteries like Energizer or Panasonic but do I get the same bang for the buck, or… the same electrical power per dollar?

It absolutely does make a difference, I would go with the brand named ones, if you care. I’ve seen graphs

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Hi Jarrett,
I’d love to see the graphs. Would you have a link?

Not the same page I’ve seen before, but a quick search turned up this:

And there are a whole bunch, as well. It probably varies, which manufacturer is the absolute best, but it’s definitely not Eveready Gold!

What Jarrett said. I buy 2032 (and other) coin cells in bulk for cheap, but whenever I need one I’m usually going through the trays weeding out the dead ones before finally finding one with any juice in it at all. For anything important or that needs to work for any more than a few hours, I put an Energizer in it.