Homemade Soy Yogurt - my project and free starter for you


I can’t eat dairy or coconut milk but miss yogurt so I set out to make my own soy yogurt. It’s amazing and really easy to make. I’ve made about 6 batches now.

Check it out!

Here’s how I did it:

  1. I used this starter. It’s made for regular milk but works great.

2.I used this soy milk. On sale you can get it for 3.99 for 1 litre at Whole Paycheque. The key is using organic soy milk that only has beans and water in it. You don’t want additives to get in the way of your yogurt starter doing it’s thing. the result is tasty and a litre of organic yogurt for 3.99 is not bad.

3.I microwave my soy milk for 8 minutes to get it up to about 80 degrees (your microwave may vary in time). I’ve also made it my heating on the stove. Then I let it cool (covered) to 40 degrees. This takes about 40 minutes. I use a simple meat thermometer to track the temperature.

New photo by J L Martin

  1. Then I mix a few tablespoons of starter into a cup of the soy milk. Then I add that mixture to the rest of the litre of soy milk and mix again.

  2. It all goes into a yogurt maker which I borrowed from my neighbour (I pay in yogurt :D)). You can also use a ceramic container wrapped up tight in towels to insulate it.

  3. The yogurt does its thing for 4 hours but often is ready in only 3. Do not mix it at this point!

  4. Then it goes in the fridge for 8 hours to cool.

  5. Then it gets eaten. It’s delicous and not sour at all. I eat it with fruit without adding any additional sugar.

  6. To make more yogurt you just keep a few tablespoons of the last batch and use that as starter in the next batch.

If you want some starter let me know and I’ll bring it in for you!