Hi everybody!


Hey everyone new to all this and eager to joint he hacking society, been a long while since I’ve gotten to play with dangerous machines for fun instead of work.


Hey Paolo!

Welcome to VHS!

What kind of stuff do you like working on?


Normally a metal artist making jewelry with wire and silver, though very recently I’m looking to try and make some lamellar armor that and a bit of light 3d printing. I’m proud to say i’m one of the few people who got a tiko… then had it break on him does any one know how to fix one of them? lol


That’s funny. We’ve got a busted Tiko in our 3D printer area, from someone with the same issues.

Armor/jewelry sounds awesome! We need more people with those kinds of skills :slight_smile:

Would you consider doing a workshop sometime?


awesome, well Tiko was ambition distilled into a dream and when it worked I loved the little thing but now it’s not printing at all… well I feel a little cheated. As for doing a workshop i’ll have to wait till I get reacquainted with my old jewelry making skills.


@Paolo_F It could be worse! Ever hear of the Peachy Printer?