Help fixing electric piano Casio Privia PX830

I’m trying to fix my digital piano that I cut up to fit into the desk I built. Sadly I don’t know anything about electronics and was not as careful as I should have been when I took it apart, and now that it is back together, it doesn’t work.

It turns on and functions appear to work but the keys do not make sound anymore. I suspect that I damaged the FFC connectors by disconnecting them without unlocking first, but could be something else as well. I don’t know how to solder and it looks like a complicated job, 30 pins on one FFC and 20 pins on the other. I actually broke the lock right off the 20 pin one :frowning: Might need to replace the whole motherboard??

I’m happy to reimburse you for your time/expertise if you think you can help me!

Thank you!


Hello Chantelle,

Welcome to VHS!

Some pictures of the connectors may help us give you better advice. How big is the desk? I’m assuming moving so you can bring it to VHS will require some effort, which leads to the next question, what neighborhood are you in as whoever is going to help may have to come to you.

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Here is a picture of the main board with the 30 pin connector and the visibly damaged 20 pin connector.

I’ve found a replacement main board I can try ordering but it is $$$ and I’d love to try to fix the one I have.

It is an 88-key piano, I can remove the keyboard from the desk and bring it in, or take in the main board and stuff separately to be worked on. It is all disassembled.

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Do you have the pieces that fell off? You most likely can shove it back in and it’ll sitll work. Just have to be careful next time you take it apart.

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Sadly not :frowning: I can maybe try to 3d print a replacement part. When I hold the FFC in place though it still doesn’t work.

Suggest finding the connector using digikey or octopart.
Unsoldering the broken connector and replacing it with the new connector.

If this is a through hole connector it is not hard replace.
Please take pictures of the back side of this connector.

Can you take pictures of the cables plugging into these connectors. This will help make sure the correct replacement connector is found.

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Hey Chantelleloops – so easy to pull those off - I’ve done the same especially when opening the case on things. I agree the best way would be to desolder the old part and replace it. Before doing that tho - might be worth giving this fix a try – using a shim to mimic the pressure the little bar piece applied in the original setup (just holding it in there by hand may not be applying enough pressure to make the contacts work). If you try a shim and it works then at least you know the pins inside the connector aren’t borked and it would save you replacing the whole thing.

Get a business card. Cut it into a few pieces and it’ll work as a shim. Ffc makes contact one way only. Jist make sure you have the right direction


This is an easy soldering job. Don’t waste time on the old connector if it is just going to be flaky.

Omg the business card hack worked!! You just saved me $400! :exploding_head:



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