Heated Horse Saddle Pad


Should work…
Keep in mind that the 8 A (96W) capacity is most likely highly overrated and you will probably get less than half
(or less) of that…
But it still may work fine for your needs…

You can find em cheaper on Ali but then have to to wait to get em…


I’d love to know the PWM frequency on those. I’d bet it’s low (bad for LED and light quality, fine for heating)

I’d be willing to bet you could pop that open and get it to work on lower voltages as well, by bypassing whatever voltage regulator in use and replacing with your own. Grab that thing!


hmm damn curious myself now how the pulse effects battery? going to look into it


I have come up with a final design of how I would like the heated saddle pad to function… It consists of 3 zones that I want to be able to control individually (turn on or off and have LED light to indicate if it is on) and control the temperature. For the control panel I am wondering if anyone knows a company that could do that wiring for me?