Getting to know all the people interested in retro stuff


Hello everyone, i’m pretty new to VHS so I thought id start off with getting to know some people that have the same interest as me, older electronics, so I thought it would only be logical if we all met and introduced our selves in person.
Who is with me?


Whoops wrong category sorry


How retro are we talking here? Vacuum Tubes? Crystal radios? 7400 series logic chips? Zilog Z80 micro controllers? Or perhaps 1st gen Arduinos? :slight_smile:


For me i’m interested in any electronics from the 1930s all the way to the 1980s, so we’re talking pretty retro stuff here.


I’m also super interestdted in restoring old electronics like an old 1950s era tranciever i am restoring at the moment. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am interested in hearing about this.


Sorry for the really late response, but I was thinking about getting all the people interested in retro stuff together and all of us introducing ourselves since I am new to VHS.


My interest is vintage machinery and electronics.
How does tomorrow evening (Thu, Aug 23rd) around 6 pm? We need a keyholder as well.


I think that today would be perfect!


Are there any keyholders willing to open VHS today?


Let’s cancel today’s meet as no keyholders have said that they will be opening the space.


Ok no problem, what days would be good for you?


Thu-Fri (Sep 6-7) evenings 5-6 pm?


Sure that would also be a good time for me though I will be busy for a week starting tomorrow.


I don’t have the electronics chops to fix up old stuff, but I like it nonetheless! Here’s a radio of mine. And an amp I recapped.

@KontanistN a Tuesday would be a good evening to chat about retro electronics. Maybe you can help dust off and show off some old stuff around VHS, such as this thing or this thing.


Hey everyone, would today be a good day for all of us retro people to get together?