Full Spectrum Hobby Laser for sale

I picked this up from the folks at Maker Labs, I’ve been unable to get it to run consistently strong enough to cut the quantity of 3mm ply as I’d need for my projects. It is certainly CAPABLE of doing it, I’ve done a few small projects over the past few months, but I think the moisture in my garage plus a less powerful tube has meant some inconsistent cuts without a large kerf.

I think this machine is ideal for anyone looking to use it for only etching, or cutting thinner material like veneer, paper, textiles.

Full Spectrum Hobby series, 12x20 bed, no honeycomb insert.
I’ve got a water pump for cooling, and an air assist pump, I think my extraction fan will be used for my upgrade machine but I can help you find a solution to cover that.
It’s got a brand new lens, mirrors are well aligned, but that might change when it moves to your place.
I’ll be happy to help you troubleshoot and set it up.

Price is $2000, VHSers are getting first chance before I toss it on craigslist.