FS: Old Large Manual Milling Machine (best offer)

[EDIT: Terrible photoshop added to more accurately represent what you are going to get]
Okay so a few years ago I bought a large and heavy (to me) milling machine from someone else, thinking someday I would get around to converting it to a CNC. Years passed, and I have about a hundred more projects, and was told by my parents to sell or otherwise make it disappear, and buy a much smaller one if I still needed one later xD

The machine is VERY heavy and looks very old. It looks like the picture below, but it’s missing some parts and is painted an ugly grey-brown color. The work table part (t slot?) has significant rust on it, and the old grease makes the slides tight (but still moveable). The spindle turns fine, the collet bolt is included, but not a collet (or any accessories really). It is missing a handwheel and the belt cover (can make one out of sheetmetal prob) (but I have a belt and a TEFC motor that works). You need a bolt to attach the motor.

It was delivered to me in the back of a pickup truck that the guy supposedly bought for $200 and unloaded using a (VERY) OSHA-noncompliant combination of engine hoist and sketchy chains. Based on Internet research, it looks to be about 700 kg (NOT lb).

The machine appears to be able to be disassembled, but this is definitely quite a task, as each part will be rather heavy.

I will post some pictures of the actual machine once I can get the garage cleaned out enough to do this, but for now I found a picture of a machine whose chassis is basically identical. I do not have a motor speed control on this one.


Whoever decides to buy this will need to figure out a way to either disassemble and move, or simply move, the unit. A truck is required, as well as a (hopefully more OSHA-compliant) setup for lifting and rigging. I have a wood pallet but I doubt this is helpful in any way.

I will be glad to take offers on this, what is it worth to you? It’s definitely a lot of metal.

Thank you!


Call a scrapper and have them take it away for you?


TBH, a engine hoist is pretty much the de facto way to move machinery unless you have a crane or contract professional riggers.

That being said, this is definitely something that we’d like at VHS! It would be a very nice step up from our current mill/drill, while still being relatively compact. If you’d be willing to donate it for the cost of getting it out of there, we could arrange getting it moved!

Some questions from me.

  • Can the raised wood floor handle 700 KG rolling across it?
  • Will this mill fit through the machine room door?
  • How much work is involved getting the mill running?
  • Given the current VHS history of having large machines languishing for years in a non-functional condition do we want to take on another unknown machine?

As I posted over on Slack, I would be very hesitant to get this mill, particularly based on the description of the rusted table. It would need to be rebuilt, and on top of the money (to refinish the table) there is the issue of people’s time. We currently have a non-functional lathe and Grizzly CNC.

It most likely would not fit through the door.
We don’t really have the power capacity for it. Do we really want 4 pieces of equipment fighting over that single 220V line?

I’ve been keeping an eye open for something that isn’t scrap that might work.

If I had the cash… I’d even pull the ceiling and wall to get it in.