FS: Bunch of dev/eval boards: too many projects, too little time!


Hi folks,

I’ve a few unused items that might be of interest

Offers welcome.

Next, a real odd-ball item:

A complete Battery Management System for lithium packs. It’s a pair of boards, the Linear 1835A, and the DC590B. With cable, and manual. Again offers welcome.

And I’ve a semi-infinite number of HDMI to micro-HDMI cables. All male-to-male, 2m long, new and unused. A toonie each?


i could definitely use that DCDC power supply. unfortunately out of town atm.



I've actually got a pair of the PSUs

Just feed with DC (of any sort: straight from a PC PSU, or from a rectified
transformer, or from a battery, etc.) drop it in box.

(mentally puts one to one side)



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