Free tablesaw for VHS


As part of the Tradeworks woodshop downsizing, I’ve talked the PTB into offering our DeWalt tablesaw to the VHS as a donation. It includes an overarm blade guard, crosscut sled and several zero-clearance throat plates It has a cast iron table with sheet metal wing on the left side and a wide, wooden table on the right side.We don’t have the factory blade guard/splitter and we’re keeping the miter guage. Let me know if there is interest in this otherwise we’ll put it up for sale.


That is a nice sled, thanks Steve, leave to others to decide, but that makes me wonder what happened to the other sled?

Plus could do with the zero throatplates …


Steve, I understand this is probably on a deadline.

Just so you know where we are at, we replaced the Rigid POS table saw with a nice belt driven Rigid contractors saw donated by @Hekseskudd

That means we are not longer in a place where the saw is warped like mad and can’t even be set to square without a lot of work. It is not a cabinet saw but it is reasonably solid. The biggest downside right now is dust collection.

I honestly don’t know what VHS should do. I think if we had more physical space I’d say we should jump on your table saw offer. The setup looks amazing for us. But the upside to our current saw is it can move around fairly easy.

If that saw can fetch a good $ for Tradeworks, I think you should do that. I cringe saying that because I know this is a great offer. If this were a few months later then we might know where we are ending up and could commit to a yes. I know you wouldn’t be pulling these strings if you didn’t think it were right for VHS.

To VHS, do we want this saw? Can the Main Street location handle this saw? It is a little larger than our current saw and probably less portable. It could make a really nice “center” to the shop.

Does anyone have storage that could take this saw in for a couple months while we figure out our next move?


Also based on the photos, I assume this:

@Stevemopolis , how wide is it? With the extra wings on the Rigid we might be in the same ballpark.


I don’t know if you noticed it in the crappy photo I posted but the saw is on a mobile base so it is quite easy to move around. I’ll get back to you later today with the exact model number and some dimensions. Of course, you can have a look at it when you and Janet come by.


It is, indeed, a DeWalt DW746. The entire setup is 82" wide with the Excalibur Overarm Blade Guard installed and 78" if it removed. It is 32" deep. With the mobile base one person can move it around fairly easily.

Should the VHS not be interested in it, we will sell it to any VHS member who wants it for $200.


It sounds like @Hekseskudd actually has a friend who wants his table saw, so this might be a win all-around.

I’ll take a look at it when we swing by. Are you available at a little after 2pm today or 11am tomorrow?

I’d need to organize a larger vehicle to pick it up, I assume if we say yes I can pick it up in a day or two after, correct?

Thanks so much!


Yes to both.


I can’t do it today but may be able to provide my truck tomorrow for
picking up and dropping off the saws, depending on where the DeWalt is


Tradeworks is at Cordova and Campbell on the DTES.


Mike, do we not want this saw instead? could attach better dust collection too. -Bob

Also the problem currently with the belt driven saw, not that it cant be fixed, it the exposed nature of the belt area that can allow our work to fall into it, also Im not sure that the positioning of the switch is ideal even though it can be moved, its “hidden”, whereas the Dewalt has a nice position for the switch, (understood this is minor)


Oh great, then I can likely help.

Jon Erik Johansen


Awesome. The saw is very accessible. Tradeworks has a loading dock, and Steve said they have a forklift if we work that out.

We’ll need to disassemble your saw; ideally in time so one trip can be made.

I’m thinking Friday morning, would that work for you @Hekseskudd?


It would be great if we could have some help from people in disassembling my old saw prior to us getting there. That way it’s just loading and unloading. I can probably handle the saw once it’s in my truck. We should go get the DeWalt first and then load my old saw once the DeWalt is in the space. Does that jive for you?

Jon Erik Johansen


I’m going to disassemble your saw tonight (Thursday). Are you available to do the pickups/drop offs on Friday Morning? I should have your saw ready to pop in your truck.


Err I’m thinking of arriving at TW at 8:30am, I bet we can have the whole thing done in 1.5hr if no disassembly is required.

We will be picking up the Table saw, jointer and planer. I can fit the planer in my car, if we can fit the table saw and jointer in your truck


Thanks Steve, it is enjoying its new home (and several members are doing some welcome home redecorating)…


whoa, is my Rigid saw warped like hell?


sorry I misread the post, never mind


Haha; thats why we got your saw!!! Though, now it has far less rust (we never attacked the under-side though, so if you want the saw rust-free the underside of the wings probably need some work).

Its confusing because both our old saw, and your saw were Rigid… branded.