Free Stuff - Mike June 2022 Edition

I’ll add photos here and more items as I can, but putting this out here to get this process started.
My friend called me a hoarder and I need to prove her wrong :-P. So what if I have electronics parts from 10 years ago, I might still do those projects!

Board Games
GONE Munchkin (Probably some expansions in it too iirc)

GONE Couch, worn but functional; blue-grey, about 82" wide. All-foam with no feathers.
Small cabinet with one drawer and open shelf, previously used as a media center for a tv by a prior occupant of my house.

Logitech Webcam (usb, older, won’t be the sharpest of image, but if you are looking for something that just kinda shows you an image, it’ll work quite well).
Canister of Airsoft Pellets (I needed a few to make a 3d printed bearing, and now I have almost a whole thing left over).

For Sale
I have to sell this since it wasn’t cheap and it is unopened… My mother bought my daughter a dollhouse before I could assemble this.
REDUCED [Dollhouse Kit] ( Beachside Bungalow Dollhouse Kit – Real Good Toys ) asking $50


Hi Mike, if Munchkin is still available, let me know how much you want for it. Thanks!

All yours, I’ll put your name on it and put it in the dropbox. I’ll let you know when it is dropped off.

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