Free Stuff - Jan 2021

Doing a clean up.
If VHS can use any of these items they get dibs, after that members, after that it goes to recycle;

  • PC Tower complete, i3-2120 at 3.3GHz, 4GB memory, Intel MB, DVD, Win 7 Home COA, I can add a HD if wanted

  • Desktop PC, Lenovo i5-2400 at 3.10 GHz, 4GB RAM, DVD, 250GB HD, Win 7 Pro COA

  • Panasonic surveillance camera model WV-CP234, works fine, has RCA convertor (I used it as a webcam) Includes power supply

  • 2 ADSL modems

  • OBi110 ATA (sip VoIP)

  • DVD for PC

  • 3 PCI video cards

  • 1 PCI parallel card

  • PC power supply

  • direct TV ethernet over coax connectors (found them OK, but I should have got their power supplies rather than USB power)

  • x-box 360 controller

  • 2.4Ghz wifi antenna model ANT-FP9 made by Planet (9db gain)

I can leave them at VHS only if wanted


I’ll take this if the Space doesn’t need it…

I can’t speak definitively, but I think with the “Ryzen Shine” drop we might be looking at homogeneous computer configs soon.


I have a good - personal - use for either the Server or Desktop PC, as well as the PC power supply.

I’d love the ATA for space usage. (I’m still imaging putting up a nice red phone for the space.)

Got specs for the DSL modems? Are they compatible with higher speeds? (@gimpy)

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The ADSL modems are:

  • Thompson ST546 v6
  • Smart rg SR10
  • There is also a Telus T3200M that @Brian_Stubbs gave me, which didn’t work with my TekSavvy setup, but I was going to see if he wanted it back before giving it to VHS

just going to drop this right here in case anyone had a cool idea…


Yep I can take the x-box controller, and will program it for the CNC :smiley:


@packetbob @TyIsI @Lukeo All on the main table and/or in boxes and labelled

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