Free Box-O-Hinges (Gone)

I have a box of various 32mm European Style hinges…

Free for whoever wants em…
Will deliver to you at the Space…


I’ll take them off your hands. :slight_smile:

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Let me know when you will be at the Space and I will get them to you…
Bring a box or bag cuz I want the plastic try I have em in…

cool. i’m usually there at least once a week. I’m hoping to go down tomorrow morning but i could stop in after work some night. Maybe the easiest is to just dump them in a plastic bag and put them in the drop box with my name on it.

thanks!. perfect timing for some new cabinets i need to make for the living room :slight_smile:

i’ll try to drop em off today

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Left them in a bag in the front box

ty sir.

i’ll put them to good use