Free Alginate

I have a large box (10 lbs’ish) of some seriously old alginate, which is typically used for making temporary molds of faces, hands, feet, etc… Free for the taking. I’ll even drop it off if you’re in Vancouver.
This is Alja-safe brand, silica-free, extra safe. It’s at least 10 years old (and says that it has a “short shelf life”), but I just did a quick mold of my hand and it seemed to work fine. Probably not quite as good as when it was new, but I’d certainly use it, and hey, it’s free! Just trying to clean out some stuff in my storage room.
Does anyone want it?

is it sodium alginate?
I could use some as sizing for marbling paper.

I don’t believe it is. The web site makes no mention of sodium alginate, and I’d not heard of it before, but looking it up, it seems to be a gelling agent. Both are derived from seaweed, and are all about thickening/gelling, but I think that’s where the similarity ends.

Where abouts is it located?

Hi Kyra.
I’m near King Edward and Main street. 23rd and Manitoba to be exact. Though I can happily drop it off somewhere if you’d like.


Hi Alan,
Is this alginate still available?

Sorry, I should have updated this. It’s been taken.

Cool! I figured haha. Was asking just in case. Thank you!