Free acrylic, does the space want this?

So my work is getting rid of more plastic, I suspect its all acrylic like the last batch, its cleaner but the uncovered 4x8’s have some scratches. 5 @ 4x8 3mm, 1 @ 4x8 6mm plus a bunch of smaller bits, all clear.

Would this be useful for the space?

If people want this I can drop it off at the space tomorrow (February 25th), provided someone wants to take care of cutting it down/storing it. If not, these will go to the landfill, we are cleaning up the shop.

Post below if you want it and can champion putting it away for storage.

Free plastic?
  • Yes
  • No

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I’ll be at the space on Friday and can put this away


Thanks John much appreciated!

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Plastic is all dropped off, its in the DMZ leaning against the scaffolding. There are also some road sign, aluminum plate, and mesh bits for @Metal_Janet in that same area.

Also I dropped off about 9 wood bandsaw blades into the bandsaw, they are 93" blades and I think the saw usually had 93.5" but they should still work, if not well, art I guess?


Wow thanks that is awesome. If we can ever do anything for your work as a thank you – let us know although I know you lot are well set up with you shop.

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