FOUND: Antique & Vintage Woodworking tools, planes, and more


I just visited Antique Alley in New Westminster on Front Street this afternoon… LOVE LOVE LOVE this shop!!

Next time I drop in I will take more pics of the shop.

I literally had a moment :heart_eyes_cat: when I got my hands on an absolutely gorgeous antique vice grip made by BMC. My wife thought something was wrong when I was drooling over how wonderfully it closes with a nice firm and soft close.

The adjustment knob has this wonderful indicator as well

:muscle: Every guy has his favorite tools… special tools that he couldn’t part without… this vice grip is one of them

Also picked up this wonderful plane… its nice and solid but needs a fair amount of restoration work… maybe when I come down VHS I will ask for some guidance on how to restore these …


Wow, so I think I may actually have a plan that is circa 1800s!!


Looks great! We actually just had a gentleman come by the woodworker’s guild earlier this year and show a very intensive ‘how to restore a plane’

Originally I asked him about doing a demo at VHS, but the timing worked well for the woodworker’s guild. A lot of what people do for old plane restorations is about aesthetics; if you ignore aesthetic work, you can probably get that up and singing in about a full night’s work.

The planes we did in the class were full metal planes, but I imagine that just means truing the sole is just a little easier.

I’d love to answer any questions you have about the process, if I can. I’ve restored a couple Stanley/Record planes and it is very satisfying.


I can imagine. Sitting in front of a computer all day makes me long for doing good old fashion manual labor.

I can’t wait to actually start restoring the plane. I plan to video it all and upload it to Youtube.