Foredom Rotary Tool group purchase


The space has survived off of craigslist rotary tools for years, but the last several haven’t lasted very long. I’d like to pick up one of these, they’re a fantastic brand that should be much harder to break. It’s also a much more powerful tool, so should be able to handle tougher jobs like metal engraving or cutting. I plan to build some sort of home for this tool for easy access/storage.

This ebay listing is a great price, it’d be awesome if we can find 6 total people to chip in $20 each. I’ll be the first in.


  • Gibbtall $20+
  • Arrgh $20
  • Mike $20


I’m in for $20


I know @Dmo would appreciate a stronger tool, maybe @miststlkr and @mike


I’m in for $20 if we can make it hang.