For Sale: eGPU Enclosure with Raeon RX580 8GB

I’ve got a high end eGPU enclosure (CoreX Chroma) with a Radeon RX580 8gb video card in it. The video card can be replaced if you want something better (though the card its pretty darn good)

Here’s the enclosure for reference

It is usb-c, provides a bunch of power to charge your laptop, and also has USB/Network ports. It also lights up.

Will consider reasonable offers. I no longer have my usb-c machine (was a work computer).

While not officially supported, with 3rd party kExts in OSX, you can get Thunderbolt 2 to work (my friend has done this with the very unit), for a couple of bucks I can throw in the conversion cable for that.

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Tentatively spoken for.