For sale, 3d printing "starter pack"


I’ve had a bunch of 3d printing stuff in my closet for years. Lots of vitamins (bearings, fasteners, rods, stepper motors, controllers) and several kg of filament, mostly PLA, some exotic like Nylon.

I’m starting to load up my ebay profile with some of this stuff, my user there is revcpb.

Not yet posted: Arduinos and stepper motor controllers, LCD panel kits, filament, metric fasteners, etc

Reach out if you have any interest.

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I’m always interested in steppers for a few art projects I have in mind…

Hey Caleb, nice to see you here too! You should totally become a member! We VHS members often offer each other discounts on this kinda thing, just sayin’. :wink:

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I have about 10 Nema 17, and a couple much smaller ones too. I think I have 8 smooth rods, plenty of linear bearings, gt20 belts, gears and end stops for linear motion. A couple jheads, thermistors and resistors/heating elements… A couple printed extruders ( Wades ish, some greg’s reloaded with fishbone gears).

@packetbob whats the next step here, how many do you want, DM?

@Arrgh are you looking for any gear?

I also have a 95% operational huxley (last I checked the nozzle needed to be adjusted up, or a firmware setting needed to be tweaked so it doesn’t drag) and a reprappro tricolor mendel kit, just needs a few more parts printed off the huxley.

hell no, keep it away from me, my house is full :wink:


How much did you want for each of the steppers?

What are you willing to pay? $10?

I’d take 2 at $10, if there are enough to go around
(Bob has priority, obvs)

I’ll take 2 of the nema 17 for $10 each…