[FIXED] Laser was down due to burnt out laser tube


Woooo! THanks @lukecyca and @jdmc! That is awesome. Also thank you Rob
for picking up the tube and bringing it back across the border. You guys


again thx rob for picking up the tube


Seriously you guys have been nothing short of amazing!

Just a two photos from this two day installation and maintenance.

Jake cleaning the laser grill.

Luke working on the internals.


wow, thanks for all the hard work, @lukecyca and @JDMc
so it’s the tube and not the power supply afterall?



Sorry for the rando replies earlier, but thanks for the awesome work!!


In the event anyone wondered what happened to the newish (but broken) laser tube…
It looked like a piece of art so I’m going to mount it on a stand that we can attach to the wall in the Space somewhere…

I’ll also add some led lighting (144 LED WS2811) and an ESP-01 based controller (a PartyCat if they ever become available) so it can be lit up and possibly remote controlled…

I’m working on the base but here is a video of some initial testing:

Nothing I like better than starting another project…

Someone(s) mounted the old laser tube and programmed it to "fire" on command

wow! that’s so awesome!


woahhhhh! So cool!!!


@packetbob you have some serious talent - it looks great


This laser that can’t laser kinda looks like it till lasers