Fixed as of Oct 14 - Oct 12 2018 Laser Cutter is out of order

Hi Folks:

Laser cutter is currently out of order. Laser Cutter Committee knows about it.

Looks to be one of the interlock switches so hopefully not to hard to fix


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I’ll be looking at it today.

It is likely to be either the new door safety switch, or the water flow switch, both of which have been finicky and requiring constant adjustment.


Laser is back in business!

I confirmed that the issue was the new door safety switch we had installed last time. The bracket was a bit sloppy and it had been pushed down. I took a scrap of aluminum and drilled and tapped M3 holes for both switches, plus mounting screws from the back…

The new flow switch I ordered arrived, so I installed it as well.

@RolandClarke gave me a hand and used the laser for a while afterwards. Everything seems to be working reliably now. :crossed_fingers:


Amazing thanks @lukecyca and @rolandclarke

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