Fix for Watch Cover

I have a problem that I’m hoping some of the metal working experts here could help with.

I have a watch with a round metal back cover that is friction fitted into the body. There is an o-ring providing a water resistant seal that is seated in a groove on the cover. This needs to be pried off in order to change the battery.

My problem began when it came time to put everything back together. In the past I’ve used a C-clamp to force the cover back into the body. Unfortunately, the cover wasn’t correctly aligned when I applied pressure leading to a part of the cover’s groove being bent.

Due to this damage the cover no longer fits into the body. I’m worried that forcing it will cause even more damage.

Is there a way to fix the damage to the groove?

Crazy glue the cover to a block of metal chuck it up on the lathe and then manually rotate the head with a dull metal cutter with a point in the tool holder to work the groove into alignment?

The idea is not to cut the metal but to push it back into alignment.

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