Fan Expo: VHSers attending or exhibiting post here

Hey - it’s Fan Expo weekend! Are you attending the con or exhibiting/selling work there? Post your details and booth number. I imagine @miststlkr, @Gibbtall, @yeungx may be around. Anyone else? Promote your work in this thread!


Booth P08: Laser Moose (the book series I work on) will be there although I won’t be for most of the con. Doug (author/cartoonist) will be down there tho, so visit his booth and say hi. He’s also doing a bunch of talks and hanging out drawing with kids in the Family Zone. More details here


Yup, I’ll be there at booth #1020, here’s a shot of what my setup should look like.


We will be walking around with our totoro tomorrow. See you all there.


I was there! I was working on R2 in the Droid section of the 501st. I thought there were some VHSers in that group? Also chatted with Doug and picked up a copy of the 1st Laser Moose for a friend, and Time Trout for me! @Gibbtall not sure how I missed your booth!? Looks awesome. Are you doing much cast stuff these days?

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Aw man - sorry I missed you. I didn’t have any time to go around and check stuff out. Thanks for supporting the Moose.

Very cool. I’m with the Mercs but couldn’t make it this weekend.


Cool! Some very impressive costumes in that group, including some of the mando stuff.


I was there Saturday. Happily ran into quite a few other Good Omens cosplayers so got some fun photos

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Nope, mostly lasercut pins/coasters/magnets, some metal pins.