Facebook location pin stuck at Cook Street address. How fix?

Hey people who are more savvy with the social media platforms than I am, for some reason the location pin is not updating when we manually update the address. The result is that it says 1601 Venables, but if you hit the “get directions” button it will direct you to Cook Street. Obviously, this poses a problem. Like Facebook or not, it’s how a lot of people get their information.

I’ve sent an email to their customer service, but no dice so far.

Until we get this fixed, I would suggest that we do not pay Facebook for any kind of advertising. I do not want anyone’s first introduction to the space to be paying money for a workshop and then being sent to the wrong place. That’s a really bad look for us.

I know this might take a while, but I want us to be able to come out swinging with events and things once we’re past the pandemic.

So… is anybody familiar enough with Facebook or Google Maps to take this on?

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this looks to be an issue with Facebook UI. I can initiate a ticket with them

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Looks like this problem has been persisting for 2 years. i doubt FB is in a hurry to fix it.
Should we just deactivate the map?

Sounds like a good plan for now. Maybe if we deactivate and reactivate in a few days it’ll force a map update.

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might work… maybe it woyld keep me from going to the wrong sddress all time. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m going to see if I can maybe fix this programmatically

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