Experimental sound workshops

Hello, please forgive if this is in the wrong thread section but I am looking to host a workshop or two at the VHS.

I have successfully operated these workshops before the pandemic, both of an experimental music nature.

The first workshop would be centred around the art of no-input mixing. An experimental noise technique for sound production and live performances, utilizing any regular audio mixer, to create feedback loops that can be controlled and played in a manner similar to a modular synth. Create unique tones, microtones and strange oscillations that weave into each other for another tool in your sound production arsenal. Commonly used in film scores, noise and techno production. I would provide and demonstrate upon my collection of vintage analog large format console mixers and invite participants to bring their own mixer to learn and play together.

The second workshop is centered around contact mic’s and thier operation. I would look to have a community member make a small number of contact microphones for the group to utilize for our session where I will break down some basics and offer a selection of objects to experiment with, while inviting participants to bring objects of their own to try out. This one was very fun to see what folks bring to try contact micing and what works well and what doesn’t work as well. There’s potential for another hack space member to operate a workshop on construction of the mic’s in a separate workshop beforehand should any members find that of interest.

Participants would need to have vax cards, masks and ID to create a safe working environment for all, with distancing in mind of course.

Thank you for any thoughts and redirection of this thread if necessary.


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