Epiphyllum Oxypetalum (Queen of the Night - $20 each) in Vancouver

For Sale - $20 each!
Well-established, healthy, rooted plants of Epiphyllum Oxypetalum (also known as Queen of the Night).
Please message me for more info or to arrange pickup.

This is a hard-to-find night-blooming jungle cactus (soft lush green leaves, no spines, epiphytic). Suitable as a house plant, this does not require bright light. The Queen of the Night is valued around the world historically for it’s amazing giant scented blooms which open at night. These have been fed regularly and the leaves are strong and large. Plants cultivated by me, a former plant biologist. Almost 1 year old. Makes a great hanging plant. Also loves partial shade outdoors during summer.


Info from wikipedia:

Photos of what blooms will look like (not my photos):

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I will take one please. I’ll hit you up on slack to arrange pickup.

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Hello! I’d like one of the plants. Please let me know details for pick up. Thank you!

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Thanks @Rufina_Wu! I sent you a private message about pickup. Cheers!

Sounds great! Will ping you on Slack.

Only one of these plants left in this batch!

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For folks picking up/growing the Queen of the Night here are some good growing guidelines:

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These are all sold! I will have more established epiphyllum oxypetalum plants for sale at the beginning of November. Feel free to post here if you’re interested in one, or pm me directly. These are a really cool xmas gift for the plant freaks in your life. Cheers!

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I would like to pick up a few please if you have more. Thanks!

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Thanks for getting in touch. I should have more good to go at the end of November. I will send you a pm. Cheers!

I have a few more of these Epiphyllum Oxypetalum (Queen of the Night) orchid cactus plants available. They are similiar to the ones I posted above. Here’s a photo of the latest batch - almost a year old. Recently repotted so you’ll be good for a while.

Cost is $20 per plant. Can drop off at VHS tomorrow otherwise pickup is in the west end. Payment is by etf please. Please pm me for details! Thanks!

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Thanks all - this batch is now all sold. I may have more in the new year if other people want some. Just post here or send me a pm.

Also remember to come join us on slack in the #green-thumb channel where lots of people grow, trade, and talk about plants.

Hello Janet.

Hope you are well. My name is Pearly and I saw you posted Epiphyllum Oxypetalum. I understand it was already sold. I am glad they have it here in Vancouver. Been looking for it for a long time as it reminds me of home - Philippines. I would like to ask a favour if I could pls have two if you will sale some more. The plant are very healthy. I am soo excited when I see them. Thank you so much.



Hi Pearly! I do have a few that are currently growing. I will send you a message. I’d love to see them in the Philippines some time - I hear they are quite amazing there. Cheers. Janet


Hi Janet I will send you picture of some from my friend. It’s magical indeed when you witness them at night, and ohhhh they smell soo good. We used to wait for them. I was telling my friends about this and they too are excited that we have it here. Now I would like pls to have 5 if you could pls save some of those for me. My friends are excited. Back home we grow them in our yard, just beautiful. I am so happy you have it here. Thanks so much for sharing it to us. Grateful, Pearly


Hi Pearly - that’s amazing! I would love to see a garden of them opening at night! I just sent you a message. So glad I can grow these for people. Cheers!


Hello Janet,

I just found this (somewhat old) post of yours. I’m very interested in buying one or more of your the Queen of the Night plants. Do you have any available at the moment?

Kind regards

Jaap Suter - vanhack@jaapsuter.com

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Hi Jaap! Thanks for your interest in the epies! I don’t have any at the moment but may have a few more in the summer. When they’re ready I’ll post here with all the details.


Hi Janet,

If you have any new plants come in, please let me know. I have a lot of interest in this. Thank you!

Best regards,


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Hello @zandanai! Thanks so much for your interest in the epies. I may have a few later in the summer. If I do I will post here to let people know.


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