Ender 3 Jedi Needed!

Hello hack space family. I was wondering if there was any 3-D printing gurus out there that would be willing to help me out with my new Ender 3 S1. I am very new to 3-D printing and despite my best effort‘s, I am having a lot of difficulty getting the machine to do what I wanted to do. I was also thinking that it could be a good introductory class for other people if they would like to join. My idea was that I could bring my 3-D printer to the Hackspace and if someone was willing to show me the ropes, other people would be more than welcome to join up. And to whoever answers this plea for help, I will provide you with lunch and appreciation for your knowledge sharing.

Thank you unnamed warrior of mercy, you have my eternal gratitude.

I am not specifically familiar with the Ender but I do know 3D printers quite well. I’d be happy to go over the basics of 3D printing and we can look at the specifics of your Ender.