Easy (hopefully) 3D printer request


Hey Everyone,

This is my first time requesting something like this so I am not sure the proper protocol so please bear with me :slight_smile:

I am doing a case mod for my H440 and was hoping to get a honeycomb grid printed. I cannot find one anywhere else to save the life of me. I was thinking two 6"x6" pieces, 1/4" thick. I will of course pay for materials and expertise!

Would anyone know how to proceed/how much something like this might cost?



Hi Cody,

Thanks for getting in touch. Your case mod sounds fun!

Unfortunately VHS doesn’t offer production services. Our 3D printers are used by members for their own projects and for space projects.

That being said, you could join the VHS community and work on your own projects at the space and learn how to print your own grid. We have lots of other cool equipment and a wonderful community of makers.

If you’re interested, come visit us on a Tuesday night open night. Check out the calendar for more info.


2D, fairly thin and large square area - This also seems more appropriate for laser cutting!

Then you get more selection with coloured acrylics or wood, too!


Thanks for the reply! Does the space have a laser cutter? I don’t need anything fancy. Just a white honeycomb would be ideal, cheapest material that is reasonable.


Oh sorry, I misunderstood! I will definitely swing by, sounds really cool!


You can find this on the calendar, but just for ease, Tuesday nights are open nights for non-members to come by and check it out.

If you can draw up what you want in a vector program, that’ll get you one step closer to making what you are looking to make. If you don’t have a vector design program, I suggest Inkscape, Illustrator, or my personal favorite Fusion360 (though there are many others).

Looking forward to meeting you!