East side culture crawl 2020

Is this something we want VHS to participate in? I think it would be great advertising for us, but the main concern is Covid of course.

I think if we did allow tours through the front door, have contact tracing, masks, and handwashing, then have the tour proceed down the stairs and through the space out the back door, it might be feasible.

What are your thoughts?

Because of where we are located. we could very well just open the front door and put out our sandwich board. so many people walk past us to get to 1000 parker and the mergatroid building. we don’t need to be officially part of the Crawl. that way we can pick and choose when we open. Anyone wanting to sell stuff could set up in the front office/ kitchen.

we could skip the friday night gong show. we could open for an open house saturday and sunday, Depending on how many people feel like they would like to sell works. we could set up in the front office, kitchen and reception are. there are options.

i’ve been part of the crawl a few times when i was a potter. friday nights were mostly people out getting half drunk and looking at stuff. not very serious. On saturday and sunday, things sold and you had more time to talk to people.

so i feel at the very least even if we don’t want to be part of the crawl. we should plan an open house for saturday. 12-4 kinda thing

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If the Space does plan to have an open house on the Sat of the crawl and wants some displays I can setup my animatronic stuff…
I have some basic sequences like these:

And some bad jokes like these:

These are simple scripts I have recorded in my voice and then done some basic servo sequencing to… I have set them up at VHS MakerFaire booths over the years…

i think artist have to register individually. We can register as a venue, but i don’t know how that works.

This would be great. The “Virtual Studio tour” would be a big plus. Just need one person to register as an artist.

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