Earthquake Kits

Hi Mike (or somebody with access to the calendar),

please post the following:

  • How to survive (the aftermath of) the apocalypse: Into to building an emergency kit

  • Thursday September 12, 7pm-9pm

  • Several non-experts will show their kits and suggest worthwhile components, tips and tricks.

  • Bottomliner 3bien

If anybody else (Harondel, Janet?, me) wants to present maybe best to post here to organize ahead of time.

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I’ll definitely be there with my kit.

We could do this a few ways

  1. each person presents their kit in order and at the end people ask
  2. all presenters have their kits on display at same time and as various
    topics come up (water, food etc) each presenter could give their opinion on
    those items, and why they chose what they have.

This is the overview of the talk I did for VECTOR

GnG essentials

1) do you have a kit
2) what circumstance is it for
3) what key piece is missing

Key things to talk about

1) water
2) shelter
3) food
4) power and communications

order is weather dependent
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I’ve added it to the calendar.

Event link is here, but please validate you see it in all the places you expect. Thanks so much for running this!

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Is there a way to export the event to ICS format to import somewhere else?

On the talk site, only options are more details or copy to google calendar.
I want to output for use in a NON Google calendar.

Have you considered just pointing to the VHS calendar feed from your calendar app?

I don’t want the full calendar, just this one event :wink:

Ah, check out the ‘Add Event’ or equivalent button in your calendar app ;).

So tonight is the night for the earthquake kit stuff, having not been to the
space, where in the space will we hold this? I’ve not been to the new space
yet so don’t know it at all and where to go once I come in, from Venables

There is both a front door on Venables and a side door just around the corner, they’re very close to each other, one of them will be open by 7 (not sure which is best)

Okay, i’ll be there just before 7pm.

The makerfaire peeps will also be there packing up. If anyone can lend at hand afterwards that would be great.


Appropriate for the topic

Another useful datamap.

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