Donation of stuff

I coordinated with someone who was moving away from Vancouver. Here’s the haul they just brought to VHS.

John and I have gone through it and moved some things to their obvious places at VHS, but there is still some more to do.


Please put the ER308L tig rod in with the others behind the tig welder.

It also looks like it would be a good idea for me or somebody to go through the welding shop scrap bins and move the least good parts of it to recycling, to make some space for good stuff like this.

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Could you please put the vise with the softjaws in the machine shop? Looks like some heavy tube stock as well. I should get a rack somewhere for useful crops.

The mold making supplies has been placed in the paint and mess room, I have plans for that rebound. iron man suit, here i come.

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Wow, too bad they are moving away because someone with ‘extra stuff’ like this would fit in at the hackspace :slight_smile:.

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